Your Backpack is Back

"Do you remember the good old times?🐣 Back in the days there was "Your" reliable backpack backing you up.🎒 No matter what stuff he was carrying for you.☝️Always loyal and not asking for rules or morality. -With Hinüber you get him back"

The classic backpack

THE Snap Hook Backpack

Don't Mess With the Mainstream

We do that for you with: Fjallfake!

"Sometimes reality feels fake and fake becomes real. Art degrades to a product and a product can be art.🤔

Yes, things can be confusing these days. -But not for the real FOX."😉

SHop Now

"No need to go with the flow or wait any longer. Stay punk🤘 and

give it to your back right now."💳💞📦